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Medical Paper/Film Pouch Making Machine (digital)

Main Features
1.Introduce PLC servo motor control system with colorful touch screen HIM, high accuracy ensure high speed production speed and stability.
2.Introduce imported servo motor and length-fixation control.
3.Main motor equipped with imported inverter for speed control.
4.with digital accurate pressure control, Ensure the products are more smooth and improve the rate of final products.
5.Latest design pneumatic lock device for unwinding shafts fixation. Equipped with dual unwinding shafts, dual EPC system and constant tension control device for both up and down material rolls. Double inverters material feeding, more stable and reliable, Air shafts for easy material loading.
Equipped with auto punching device.
Main Parameters
Max.Pouch Width 600mm
Max.Pouch Length 600mm
Lines of Pouch 1~6
Mechanical speed 150Strokes/Min
Total Power 21KW
Dimension 5800X1530X1910 (mm, LXWXH)
Weight About2800Kg