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Medical mask four-side sealing automatic packaging machine

This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and servo system. It is a high-performance medical mask four-side sealing automatic packaging machine integrating machine, electricity, light and gas. It has simple operation and advanced functions, reduces labor costs and improves production efficiency.

Main features:
1. Using PLC programmable operating system, human-machine interface touch screen system
2. Using servo motor control system and fixed-length photoelectric control
3. The host adopts imported frequency conversion speed control
4. Optional automatic coding (print batch number, production date) 5. Manual or automatic filling (optional) materials.
6. Quick roll change device
7. Automatic coil conveying
8. Modular heating system
9. Easy to tear hole hanging hole punching (optional)
10. Scrap recycling
11. Finished product output

The main technical parameters:

Widest coil width 400mm
The longest bag 400mm
Maximum packaging speed 40times/min times/min
Total power About 11kw
Dimensions 5100x1200x1800mm
Machine weight About 1800kg